PRōZE Isolates are made from certified whole plant hemp and then carefully distilled and purified to provide a 99.2% CBD isolate that provides all the concentrated and specific benefits of CBD. Aside from the complementary nutrients that are formulated into the PRōZE CBD Isolates, such as natural sweeteners, colors, and flavors, our Isolates contain no other hemp derived nutrient than just CBD. Our Isolates are 3rd party tested before and after production to ensure that the specific amount of CBD are maintained at the highest level of activity and potency and are void of any unwanted elements. The PRōZE Isolates undergo a specialized manufacturing process which allows the CBD to be directly infused into each piece, there is no “coating” or “powdering” of CBD, infusing allows for a tested and completely uniform amount of CBD in each piece. The PRōZE Isolates are perfect for those looking to obtain all the benefits of just CBD in a convenient, great tasting, and anytime fashion.

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