Meet Kathryn Kellner, Studio Director

Kathryn Kellner is a strategic communication consultant. Employing a practice developed over 30 years, Kathryn and her team at HCS offer multidisciplinary coaching drawn from the world of cognitive science, communication philosophy, and principles of acting from the classical school. Her tailored focus on speech articulation, breath-thought connection, and deliberate use of body and gesture to impart meaning provides clients with the confidence and means for effective face-to-face interactions. Kathryn and team provide strategic consulting for public presentation both internationally and across the United States.

Kathryn has lectured to, hosted workshops for, and engaged in personal consultation services for the National District Attorney’s Association, The Federal Prosecution Service for the Canadian Department of Justice, The U.S. Customs Surveillance Academy, The Arizona State Bar, The Office of the Pima County Attorney, The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine, Intuit Inc., The University of Missouri, Tulane University, San Diego State University, and The University of Arizona. Her private clients have included leading figures in the legal field, engineering, politics, health care, and technology, as well as business executives and education administrators. Her written and published materials include a contribution to the book ROLE play, Personalities in Action.