Chemical Cleanup

Don’t Deal With Dangerous Chemical Cleanups. Turn to the BioClean Team

Cleaning up chemical spills can put your health at risk. Reach out to The BioClean Team for chemical cleanups instead. We can work at properties in Southern California, CA.

We’re OSHA-certified to perform chemical cleanups. We’ll discreetly handle tear gas, meth lab and household chemical accidents.

Chemical exposure can lead to difficulty breathing, skin color changes, headaches, blurred vision and dizziness. Don’t compromise the health of your family. Get in touch with us right away for a thorough chemical cleanup at your property in Southern California, CA.

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Entering a meth lab that hasn’t been cleaned properly can leave you coughing and dizzy at best. At worst, it can cause chemical burns and death. Chemicals from a meth lab can remain undetected in a home for years. Turn to The Bioclean Team to avoid those issues. Our meth lab cleanup process includes:

  • Opening doors and windows and using blowers to ventilate the area
  • Removing all meth paraphernalia
  • Using a commercial-grade vacuum to clean all the floors
  • Cleaning walls, ceilings and floors with detergent

We’ll get the area clean, sanitized and deodorized in no time. Call us now at 760-696-8242 to make sure a meth lab is cleaned up correctly.